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Hi! My name is Eyal GoldsHtein. I am a freelance music composer for film, television, media, games, trailers and morE.

My adventure with music began at the age of 9 when my parents made me take piano lessons –  since that day, there was no stopping me (thanks mum and dad!).

I am now a full-time music composer and producer. I have gathered a large client base and have scored various films and documentaries, as well as having my music featured in different TV shows, ads, music libraries, business web-sites and even mobile games.

You are more than welcome to drop me a line and we shall start a musical journey together :)


"I gave Eyal the complete control of the creative output and I’m happy to say that the final result was first class. He created the perfect balance between "epic" and "quirky" I was hoping for. Eyal is an extremely talented and creative composer and I would thoroughly recommend his friendly, hard working style to anyone!"

- Daniele Andronico

"I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Eyal a couple of times. His music elevated my films to a whole different level. Eyal’s got a beautiful, very distinct style, reminiscent of classic film composers, such as John Williams, James Newton Howard or Thomas Newman. He’s also incredible at conveying very specific emotions through certain instruments. But when he makes the whole orchestra kick in, he can also achieve a sense of majestuosity. His talent is definitely irrefutable"

- Miguel Alcalde

Ever since I was a kid, I was always fascinated with cinematic music. Those magical, adventurous, sometimes scary, thrilling tunes that made the cinematic experience complete. Whether it’s a small quirky soundtrack or a full massive orchestra – the film’s score will take you further and deeper into the adventure unfolding on your screen.

I remember watching my favourite films and trying desperately to re-create that full orchestral sound with my very old, tiny Yamaha keyboard. Still determined, I knew that I wanted to compose the soundtrack to the future cinematic blockbusters. So that’s exactly what I set off to do.

I had the amazing opportunity to work with some awesome people, on fascinating projects – from business web-pages, through war films, to epic nature documentaries. Each and every project taught me something new about the craft of music composition, dealing with different challenges and over-coming those frustrating times when you’re simply, completely stuck.

I am so grateful to have had these opportunities and I’m always excited and ready to take on the next project with tons of passion and enthusiasm. So what are you waiting for? Drop me a line and let’s make your film everything it should be… and more :)

Eyal Gold Music® by Eyal Goldshtein – music composer London, music composer Brighton, music composer for film, tv, theatre, games, trailers and more.


contact me

Drop me a line if you need original music composed for any sort of project. 


(or if you just want to say hi. That's also cool) :)

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